What is CMP ?

 Circuits Multi-Projets ® (CMP)

Since 1981, CMP (UAR 3040 – CNRS / Grenoble-INP / University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA)) is a non profit Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) service organization in ICs, Si-Photonics, 3D-ICs and MEMS, Smart Power, for prototyping and low volume production.

CMP enables prototypes fabrication on industrial processes at very attractive costs and offers it great technical expertise in providing MPW and related services for Universities, Research Laboratories and Industrial companies’ prototyping. CMP can handle, in cooperation with the semiconductor foundries, low volume production i.e. approximately from some dozens to some thousands pieces. Chips are normally untested and delivered either packaged or not. Advanced industrial technologies are made available in CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, HV-CMOS, SOI, MEMS, 3D-IC, Si-Photonics, NVM, etc. CMP distributes the design rules for each technology and the standard cell libraries for each specific software tool (design kits) free of charge and supports several CAD software tools for both Industrial Companies and Universities. 614 customers from 70 countries have been served, more than 7900 projects have been prototyped through 1043 MPW runs and 72 different technologies have been interfaced. Check the annual report and the slide shows produced during the annual user meeting for more information.

Overview of the activities

A total of 265 circuits were fabricated for 90 Institutions, Research Laboratories and Companies from 25 countries.
The nominal turnaround time, from the closing date of the run to the delivery of packaged chips was:

- CMOS : 11 weeks
- HV CMOS : 12 weeks
- SiGe BiCMOS : 14 weeks
- Advanced CMOS : 16 – 24 weeks

Including 1-2 weeks data preparation and 2-3 weeks wafer dicing and packaging.

Hereafter are the technologies used in 2015:


ams STMicroelectronics
0.18 µm CMOS C18A6 28 nm CMOS028 FDSOI
0.18 µm CMOS High Voltage H18A6 55 nm BiCMOS055
0.35 µm CMOS C35B4C3 65 nm CMOS065 CMOS 7LM
0.35 µm CMOS-Opto C35B4O1 130 nm HCMOS9GP CMOS 6LM
0.35 µm CMOS RF C35B4M3 130 nm H9SOI-FEM
0.35 µm SiGe BiCMOS S35D4M5 130 nm BiCMOS9MW SiGe BiCMOS 6LM
0.35 µm CMOS High Voltage H35B4D3 130 nm HCMOS9A High Voltage


3.0 µm PiezoMUMPS

Cooperation with other services

Collaboration CMC – CMP – MOSIS

Since 2001 three of the main ICs prototyping and low volume production services from USA (MOSIS), Canada (CMC) and France (CMP) started a partnership in order to exchange some of their services and to enlarge the portfolio of technologies proposed by each partner. In this way technologies from ams and STMicroelectronics were offered by CMP to MOSIS and CMC customers, technologies from IBM and TEZZARON were offered by MOSIS to CMP customers, and TELEDYNE DALSA, and Micralyne were offered in 2015 by CMC to CMP customers. Such program is necessary to support escalating costs of very deep sub-micron processes or the low demand of very specialized processes.

CMP Distributors

- SiliConsortium Ltd. – Japan
- Sevya Multimedia Technologies – India

Cooperative agreements

CMP has signed cooperative agreement with the following Organizations over the time:
- CMC, Canada
- VDEC, Japan
- CIC, Taiwan
- IDEC, Korea


Flyers :

General flyer: CMP general flyer
MEMS flyer: CMP MEMS flyer

DK support: Manual: CMP Design Kit Support -Manual-