Price list

MPW prices

Price per mm² of the current price list is for 25 bare dies except for MEMSCAP, Open 3D, Teledyne DALSA. For ST and ams technologies 15 additional dies will be added free of charge when available. Additional dies are charged. They are exclusive of taxes and duties and can be changed at any time without prior notice.


Price includes DRC checking made by CMP before fabrication. In case of DRC errors CMP will contact you for corrections. Send your circuit layout before the deadline to have time for corrections.

Charged area

There is a minimum charge for each circuit depending on the technology process. This charge is defined as a minimum area. Excepted for MEMSCAP the charged area includes a seal ring of 60µm added by CMP around the circuit (120µm added in X and in Y axis).

Examples for circuits in C35B4C3 technology of ams:

  • The circuit size is 1500µm x 1600µm (limit of pad ring), you are charged of the minimum area, 3.43mm² (including seal‐ring). 3.43mm² * 650€/mm² = 2230€.
  • The circuit size is 3000µm x 3000µm (limit of pad ring), you are charged of: (3000µm + 120µm)*(3000µm + 120µm) = 9.73mm². 9.73mm² * 650€/mm² = 6325€.


Packaging must be ordered in the CMP Order Form before the deadline of the run. The bonding diagram must be sent with the CMP Order Form. Please check technical constraints on pad ring and price list and possible additional fees.

Additional circuits

Low volume (<100) of additional circuits can be ordered at any time as a function of availabilities. Large volume (>300) of additional circuits must be ordered before the deadline. Please contact CMP for precise estimates. Prices are determined on a case per case basis.

Colour plots

Colour plots must be ordered before the deadline. Default format is around A0 (115cm x 76cm). Price: 40€ for the first sample and 25€ per copy.

Shipment fees

Depending on destination shipment fees for circuits and for plots are charged with an amount of 60€ to 150€.

Design Kits, Libraries & support

Management and main data: CMP distributes the design rules for each technology and the standard cell libraries for each specific software tool (design kits). CMP handles about 40 different design kits (corresponding to different technologies and different CAD tools), which are sent to customers upon signature of a Confidentiality and License Agreement. Design kits are sent free of charge.
CMP staff members provide technical support on the design-kit. Several support levels are addressed (e.g. installation issues, use of the technology files or libraries, design-flow, etc.). To request support, users can create tickets through CMP DK Support Center. This new interface between CMP and design-kits users, dedicated to technical support, is available on CMP web site.