Specific packagings

Synergie Cad PSC 

Synergie CAD Partner SemiConductors (Synergie Cad PSC)

, created in 2000 as a subsidiary of Synergie Cad Group, has a unique offer in the supply of services in Electronics and Microelectronics industrialization and production. On top of Development and fabrication of PCB’s, its traditional business line, Synergie Cad PSC has developed around Semiconductors industrialization and production services with our In-House equipments and competences in IC’s Packaging, IC’s Test & Product Engineering, IC’s qualification / reliability, Semiconductors supply chain and Electronic boards & Probe cards (Design, fabrication, Assembly).

Focus on: RF & MMW test

Another of our main specificities is to offer capabilities in RF & Millimetric Wave testing and characterization, up to 100GHz.

Focus on: Plastic packages

One of our main specificities is to offer the possibility of fast-run plastic-fully moulded packages for prototyping and small series purposes. The following packaging types are available in standard leadframes in full plastic: – QFN 32/36/48/76 – DIP 8/14/16/18 – SOIC 14/16/20/24/28 – QFP 64/100 – BGA 200balls This may also include capabilities in thermal and electrical simulations. Small and mid-series production roadmap is also available for BGA, QFN, and QFP packages (as below):