Add-On Services

You’re interested in highlighting a specific industrial service, a design expertise, an important thesis, an innovative IP, a characterization facility, a process or a methodology you improved or a specific/original tool you created?

CMP is currently looking for industrials and academics to grow the Add-On Services showcase

This webpage is a showcase meant to highlight specific services from companies or academics in order to provide advanced and qualitative prototypes services to our R&D community.

You’ll find services completing our prototyping offers: from advanced design services to innovative packaging solutions, discover here original services that may improve your prototyping experience!

CMP takes no fee in these services and does not act as an intermediary between the provider and the user. The goal of this showcase is solely to develop the R&D community in microelectronics giving visibility to advanced and original processes reviewed by CMP.

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Intento Design


VLC Photonics

Design services


Specific Packaging

System level services 1

System level services

IC Inspection & Repair 1

IC Inspection & Repair


Design services

ReRouting LLC.

Design services

Synergie Cad PSC

Specific Packaging


Design services