ReRouting LCC 

ReRouting LLC is a fabless semiconductor design house providing expertise and services for emerging memory-based circuits and applications, including array design, non-volatile flip-flops and registers, in-memory computing, machine-learning accelerators and reconfigurable logic.
ReRouting provides advanced hardware and software services for emerging memory (RRAM) -based circuits. ReRouting’s cornerstone offering lays in the custom design capabilities of RRAM-based circuits suited to various needs from ultra-low-power IoT to advanced AI, all the way down to silicon validation. Supported technologies include IRT Nanoelec/LETI-CEA MAD200 process, offered by CMP and others (contact us for more details).

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– High-reliability and low-power non-volatile flip-flops – RRAM-based multi-port registers – Embedded memory arrays – Advanced programming structures with efficient physical design implementations – Program-verify units – In-memory computing accelerators – Dot-product accelerators – Reconfigurable logic


– Functional test capabilities (Advantest V93k) for validation of configuration peripherals, core logic, and benchmarks of integrated circuits. – Performance and yield measurements, validating the functionality correctness and Performance, Power, and Area (P.P.A.) of prototypes, – Validation of the robustness against both CMOS and RRAM process variations.

ReRouting LLC additionally provides engineering services related to advanced EDA for emerging memory based systems (logic synthesis, compilers, architecture explorations tools, etc.)