Design submission to MPW runs

CMP-Submission process
CMP-Submission process

Documents and files required for the design submission

Four weeks before the run’s deadline:

Designers have to return a reservation request form to the CMP staff member in charge of the run, please contact us to get this document for the corresponding technology:

This reservation can be cancelled any time before the MPW run deadline.
The empty reservation form is available upon request. It is not available publicly in the CMP web site.

When the design is ready for submission:

Fill in the appropriate CMP Order Form and send it, by Fax or by a scanned copy by E-mail dated and signed by the responsible person at your institution.
If packaging is requested, designers have also to send the bonding diagram.

Design submission:

The design submission can be done two weeks before the deadline, and at the latest at the deadline date.
Designs submitted must be free of DRC errors and without antenna rules violations.

Three files are needed for a design submission:
- the design layout in GDSII format, compressed with the command “gzip -9”
- the stream-out report file generated by the CAD software during the GDSII export,
- a “.info” file (text format) with data about the circuit and a technical contact, example below:

Design Transfer to CMP:

Design transfer via your MyCMP account registered users:

Send an email to the CMP staff member in charge of the run in order to request a login and a password for the files transfer.
NB: Your account will only be set for transfer during the data-preparation time of the run.

Transfer via FTP:

In case of problem for transfer via your account through the CMP web site, then CMP can give you the access to a terminal based FTP procedure.
Send an email to the CMP staff member in charge of the run to request such FTP account.

Transfer by email:

Design transfer by email in not permitted without an authorization from CMP.
GDSII files should be encrypted.
To request for a CMP authorization, please send your full details and provide the file sizes (only small files can be transferred by email). If you receive the authorization, you have to send 2 different messages:

- one message to announce the transfer of the files

- one message to transfer the files, example below:

Then, you will receive an acknowledgement of your message.

Tracking the design checking process

All E-mails sent to CMP should contain in their subject the reference name of the run and the topcell name of the design. For instance: “reference name of the run and the topcell name: object of the email”.
If the design was transferred by FTP, CMP will use your account to give the access to the DRC reports.