CMP organized a book dedication session with the editors of the Springer book “The Fourth Terminal – Benefits of the Body-Biasing Techniques for FDSOI Circuits and Systems”.

CMP is the first worldwide MPW service organization offering the access to a FD-SOI technology. The 28nm FD-SOI node from STMicroelectronics is available since January 2012, almost 10 years ago.

50 dedicated books have been offered to tape-out contributors on this technology over the past 2 years, as a recognition of their contributions to the FD-SOI ecosystem.

Join us in enriching the FD-SOI ecosystem, and May the Fourth Terminal be with you!

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Editors: Andreia CATHELIN and Sylvain CLERC from STMicroelectronics

With Roberto GONELLA (ST) and Kholdoun TORKI (CMP)