NoiseTech Microwaves 


NoiseTech develops and markets impedance generators, noise sources, switches for measuring noise parameters. NoiseTech’s serves designers for wireless/wired components, GNSS receivers, semiconductor industry, R&D laboratories, automatic test equipment, etc. NoiseTech offers noise-parameter measurement services for connectorized devices and circuit operating in the 100MHz-to-6GHz frequency range. NoiseTech measurement equipment consists of NoiseTech’s impedance generator, noise source, and switch. Equipment highlights: Impedance generators: | -* Wideband operation (100MHz to 6GHz, contact NoiseTech for lower frequency range) -* Ultra repeatable (repeatability of >80dB) -* Ultra fast for fast measurements -* Compact -* USB driven -* Internal temperature sensor for better accuracy|Noise source: | -* Controlled directly controlled with the impedance generator -* Flat output power spectrum -* Various ENRs available -* Temperature sensor improves accuracy|Switch: -* USB controlled -* Seamlessly integrates with the impedance generator -* Improves measurement uncertainty NoiseTech can assist with identifying and configuring a noise-parameter measurement system that matches customers measurement challenges.