ID MOS designs, industrializes and manages the production of application-specific integrated circuits featuring analog, digital and mixed-signal functionalities. More specifically, our know-how and advanced technologies allow us to design particular ICs to fit specific demands for an R&D community or for industrialization.

RADHARD technologies

High-altitude or Space applications require radiation immunity to provide airborne components with reliability and operational life time. Building on the complete development of a 100krad library based on a 350nm technology, ID MOS offers a validated solution bringing the adapted robustness to ASICs specifically designed for these environments. Beyond TID, our design methodologies ensure a good SEE immunity, both by the quality of our Layouts (SEL), and by the specificity of our architectures (SET, SEFI and SEU).

Extreme temperatures

If the IC working environment temperature exceeds the regular ranges, we may propose ways to extend these temperatures, using foundry processes characterized for that specific purpose. Using our capability to generate models and libraries, ID MOS already characterized a selection of CMOS foundry processes and generated or adapted the corresponding Process Design Kits allowing circuit functions at very cold temperature (down to -193K), and very hot temperatures (up to 225°C for regular CMOS and 300°C for SOI-CMOS). Specifications: -* +300°C -* -193°C -* 0.6µm and 350 nm Bulk-CMOS -* 1.0µm to 180 SOI-based CMOS -* BCD processes

General Services

Our expertise in designing mixed-signal microcircuits on proven technologies also allows to us design and produce specific (ASIC) or standard (ASSP) chips for multiple market segments: industrial automation, rail and air transport, sensor technologies, rugged environment and many more.