IC’Alps global activity:

IC’Alps offers its services tailored to design and supply digital/mixed-signal ASIC/SoC and meet innovative product constraints in terms of cost, performance, reliability, power consumption and quality for medical and industrial applications. CIR agreement IC’Alps main focus is to design on-demand digital and mixed-signal cutting-edge ASICs and systems for a wide range of applications.

From your Innovation to Industrial Integrated Circuit Helping customers from proof of concept development up to the production of industrial ASIC based product, IC’Alps provides you with a flexible turnkey solution from architecture exploration to fully qualified integrated circuits. This includes technology selection, design of specific and critical blocks, top level integration, verification, prototyping and silicon measurements in IC’Alps’ lab. IC’Alps relies on its experienced team of more than 30 complementary skilled engineers, its proven design flows compliant with the most stringent quality certifications, to explore and propose relevant solutions for customer innovative applications up to the delivery of ready-to-use integrated circuits (ASIC). For IoMT/medtech/healthtech markets IC’Alps, develops and implements ISO13485 compliant analog interfaces for MEMS/biomedical sensors – such as ECG, EEG, EGM, BioZ, PPG together with technological blocks for data processing, filtering, and security features. IC’Alps supports customers in the electronic miniaturization for their wearable or implantable medical devices. In industrial, mil/aero, IoT markets Customers can trust IC’Alps expertise in sensor data acquisition and conversion, high voltage designs, multi-processor architecture implementation, ultra-low power designs to develop ASIC/SoC compliant with ISO9001 & EN9100 for their applications.