Hiventive global activity

Hiventive make community-based, agile tools driving electronic products from idea to manufacturing using virtual prototyping, cutting down costs and securing small and mid-size companies projects.

Think, create, and share. Design your next electronics product thanks to virtual prototyping and go faster to your final product. Hiventive brings agility to electronics. Break the frontier between your software and hardware teams. Don’t waste your time waiting for your physical prototype, just simulate it. Focus on your final product, not on disposable prototypes. A virtual prototype is a software application simulating the hardware behavior. It allows to validate a design before committing to making a physical prototype. It reduces development cost and time. This technology makes the link between hardware and software, adding agility to electronic design. We provide an Open source and on-demand intuitive web apps where users build, operate and share virtual prototypes with the community, that anyone can use and order. Agile electronics, improve product design efficiency Currently, flaws in hardware component choices can induce cost and delay. Industrialization can also imply unexpected additional developments and possibly a complete rework. This can lead to a delayed start of software development for the specified target or hardware integration, resulting in a missing out the market. We aim to solve this issue with virtual prototypes. Virtual prototypes provide a ready-to-execute environment for your product development. Hiventive enables DESIGN EXPLORATION, is COMMUNITY-CENTERED and provides a VIRTUAL FABLAB on premise and online on Hiventive can also assist you in others services like the complete development of your embedded systems, training, expertise, rapid hardware prototyping services.