The French Public Interest Group National Coordination of Micro and Nanoelectronics Training provides educational institutes with first-class technical facilities and unique access to know-how. Each of its 12 centers has its own area of expertise.

GIP-CNFM has a unique national LLL training service that gathers all the training offers in microelectronics.

The CNFM network is the group of twelve common interuniversity centers attached to twelve academic institutions and an industrial union representing the national microelectronic and electronic activities.

The facilities of the CNFM centres are used by 80 universities and engineering schools to train 14,000 students each year on technical platforms dedicated to practical training. In fact, more than eighty technical platforms are available in the network, including seven clean rooms, national computer-aided design (CAD) services, numerous CAD rooms and characterization and measurement laboratories.
Thanks to the pooling of investment and operating expenses organised within the framework of the twelve joint inter-university centres, very expensive and modern benches and associated software are available to the university and scientific community. The CNFM ’s facilities are also used by about 1000 doctoral students and other researchers working in more than 60 different French laboratories.

As the ACSIEL Union is a member of the network, there is a permanent adaptation of academic training to industrial needs. In addition to professional development, consulting and expert analysis courses, CNFM centres can make their facilities available to employees or start-ups or carry out custom research. Through its national lifelong learning portal, the CNFM centres host nearly 600 trainees in microelectronics and electronic circuits each year, in order to maintain professional skill levels in industries, through refresher courses or advanced training with associated practical training on platforms, in technology as well as CAD and testing of microelectronic devices and circuits.