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FastFieldSolvers global activity

FastFieldSolvers is an Open Source company providing ElectroMagnetic software and solutions: full consulting services with support, simulations, training, turnkey studies and software development and customizations.

FastFieldSolvers can also provide you Electromagnetic services not directly related to IC design, as RFID analysis, superconductive structures, interconnection analysis. A Different Business Model. Free. We provide ElectroMagnetic software and solutions. And as we believe in free, open source software, we made the code of all our premium Fast Field Solvers software available at no cost. We complement our free software with high quality services, so you can fully focus on your core activities while you trust our 20+ years of experience in the EM simulation field for providing you comprehensive solutions, with great attention to your requests. Our portfolio of services includes: -* Parasitic extraction (C, R, L), e.g. IC packaging simulation or IC structures simulations -* Signal integrity, e.g. multi-chip packages and bondwires -* Optimization studies, e.g. micro-capacitive sensors -* Support of our Open Source software -* Training courses -* E.M. software customization, e.g. EM solver integration in your toolchain or porting to different architectures -* E.M. software development, for extending the solver capabilities Our field solvers are based on industry and research golden reference codes, made available and maintained on multiple platforms. However running reliable E.M. simulations requires specialistic knowledge. We help you achieve good-first-time results, without the need to develop a deep expertise in electromagnetic tools and simulation quirks. Should you want instead to become proficient in the use of our tools, we can fully train you to get to the top of the learning curve in the fastest time possible, and provide professional support for the software. And if you need to customize our E.M. software or extend it, we’ll be happy to partner with you, and welcome win-win sponsorship of our open source developments.