Full Bridge Gate Driver

Run reference : S16D18_1 - IC STMicroelectronics 0.16µm BCD High Voltage 4 ML BCD8sP (datasheet)

S16D18_1 KF47AA

This quad N-Channel MOSFET driver is designed to drive MOSFETs in synchronous full-bridge configuration. The gate driver takes a PWM signal from the microcontroller and provides the driving levels to the power stage MOSFETs. Two external resistors program the turn-on and turn-off dead-time delays. In distributed DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC systems or multicell multilevel converters, the gate driver can be synchronized in daisy chain configuration. The master gate driver takes a PWM signal from a master control unit to set up the phase shift among all the gate drivers used in the daisy chain. The robust level shift technology operates at high dv/dt while consuming low power and provides clean output transitions
Main features of the circuit:
- Drives Two Legs High Side and Low Side N-Channel MOSFET
- 40V Maximum Input Voltage
- 4V to 5.5V Operating voltage
- 5A Peak Driving Current
- 7ns Propagation Delay
- 20V/ns dv/dt Immunity
- Optional Integrated Bootstrap Diodes
- Programmable Turn-On and Turn-Off Delays (Dead-Time)
- Chip Enable Function
- Daisy-Chain Synchronization
- Programmable Daisy-Chain Phase Shift.