FEANICS : Front-End Adaptive gain Integrated Circuits

Run reference : A35C18_1 - IC ams 0.35µm CMOS 4 ML C35B4C3 (datasheet)


The range of applications of this chip typically covers nuclear physics experiments, but can naturally extend beyond these to reach other domains such as particle physics, medical imaging, astrophysics, etc. A new multi-channel ASIC called FEANICS (Front-End Adaptive gaiN Integrated CircuitS) based on a floating-point Charge Sensitive Amplifier FPCSA architecture. This architecture is based on automatic gain switching during the rise time of the pulse. By default, the CSA is configured in a high gain mode. If the charge exceeds a specific value, the CSA automatically switches to a low gain value. Thanks to this basic principle, one can reach high dynamic range and high energy resolution.