A DBAND 1x4 Phase Array Front End Module

Run reference : S55S18_2 - IC STMicroelectronics 55nm BiCMOS SiGe 8 ML BiCMOS055 (datasheet)

S55S18_2 TopTxFEM

communications equipment. The TopTxFEM is an integrated circuit chip with one input and four outputs. The chip operates at the DBAND frequencies (130GHz-170GHz). The input signal is amplified and then it is split into 4 parallel paths. In each path there is a programmable phase shifter of 0 to 360 degrees. At the end of each path there is a power amplifier in order to drive a separate antenna. At the output of each PA there is an envelope detector which measures the output power. This integrated circuit chip is the front end module (FEM) of a phased array transmitter. Furthermore, the TX FEM includes a bandgap reference circuit along with a bias current generator, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and a temperature detector.