A 128x8 massive MIMO precoder and detector.

Run reference : S28l15_2 - IC STMicroelectronics 28nm Advanced CMOS FDSOI 8 ML CMOS28FDSOI (datasheet)

S28l15_2 eitmay15a_massiveMIMO

The fabricated circuit is a flexible 1mm x 1.1mm 128x8 massive MIMO digital processor supporting both precoding and detection. Novel approximative Givens rotation lowered QR decomposition complexity by 50% when employed for precoding. An adaptive detection framework is proposed which supports both linear and non-linear detection. Circuit optimization and utilizing FD-SOI body-bias resulted in measured energy of 6.56 nJ/QRD and 60 pJ/b at 300 Mb/s detection rate.