Design submission to MPW runs

Please note:

New circuit submissions will be accepted only through “myCMP” web application.

1. Create your myCMP account as soon as possible

myCMP simplifies access to all CMP services by unifying and interconnecting the various stages of MPW runs.
It serves as a secure stand-alone platform for communication and documents exchange along with an automated project status tracking.
A user is authorized to submit a circuit only if a valid NDA/CLA is signed by the institution of this users. To initiate the circuit submission process, every institution must register and set up a myCMP account. Please do not wait until the MPW run deadline date to register and update your settings of your myCMP account. This would save your valuable time and avoid unnecessary stress leading up to your MPW submission. Please register to myCMP as soon as a circuit tape-out through CMP is planned.

Registration to myCMP login

2. FOUR WEEKS prior to the commencement of the MPW run

All institutions are requested to pass through the Design kit request process flow in myCMP. The NDA related flow on the myCMP platform will be expedited for institutions with active NDAs in place after registration and verification.

Designers should submit a reservation request for the run in question.

The CMP staff member in charge of the run will verify and validate your reservation:

Please keep in mind that you can cancel any time the reservation before the MPW run deadline.
This reservation allows run managers to organize and reserve silicon area for a circuit for a particular technology.

3. When the design is ready for submission:

Once your reservation is approved, you may submit an order for your circuit (by clicking “submit an order” on “run” tab) in your myCMP account, which will then grant you FTP access space to upload your design(s).
If packaging is required, designers may also send a bonding diagram.

4. Design submission:

The design submission can be done two weeks before the deadline, and at the latest by the deadline date.

Designs submitted must be free of DRC errors and without antenna rules violations.
Two files required for design submission:
Please note that all the files should be transferred via FTP, your login credentials to your FTP account will be displayed on the circuit page of your active run.
Please respect the naming conventions for the design submissions as listed below:
The design layout in GDSII format, compressed with the command “gzip -9”, named as follows: Topcell_name.gds.gz
The stream-out report file generated by the CAD software during the GDSII export, named as follows: Topcell_name.pipo

Additional information related to design transfer methodology:
1. Transfer by email:
Design transfer by email is not allowed without an authorization from CMP.

To request for a CMP authorization, please send a request by E-mail with
your full details and provide the file sizes.
CMP will then send you instructions how to proceed.

2. Tracking the design checking process
myCMP will provide the user with an overview of the design submission at every stage of the design preparation. You should either receive an email or a notification regarding updates related to the submitted circuit.


myCMP registration guide

Tutorial :
GDSII_Export Using StreamOut tool


For ST 28FDSOI and BiCMOS55 processes:

+33 4 76 57 47 97

For ST 130nm and 65nm processes:

+33 4 76 57 48 65

For Photonic & MEMS processes:

+33 4 76 57 46 21

Design Kit Support:

+33 4 76 57 46 19