Please note:

DK request procedure has changed.
You must go through myCMP web application to register and to apply

CMP handles various Design Kits (DKs), corresponding to the different technologies for different CAD tools.
Since February 2019, access given through myCMP, a new specialized web interface for MPW service management is open.
This tool simplifies access to all CMP services by unifying and interconnecting the various stages of MPW runs. It serves as a secured stand-alone platform for communication and documents exchange along with an automated project status tracking.


myCMP registration guide


Design-Kit Request:

+33 4 76 57 46 79

Design Kit Support:

+33 4 76 57 46 19

Registration to myCMP login 

First at all, create an account before making any request at the following address:
You need to fill out the registration form and to enter the name/type/address of your Institution, the name of the technical person in charge in your Institution, the name of the legal representative.

Please note that an Email confirmation of this registration will be sent to both identified persons.

Ask for Design Kits

Once your account is validated, you can place a request for DK. All of them are free of charge. They are delivered after the signature of Confidentiality Agreements between the user and CMP and between CMP and the provider (for approval), the full procedure to download DK takes from 3 weeks to more than 1 month.
Notifications will be sent by email or directly in myCMP to detail how your DK request is progressing and to explain you the process when we are awaiting validation/action from you.

Design Kit support center

Design kit support center is not yet included in myCMP web interface. Meanwhile its implementation, you still have to register on a different web application to ask for support interface: If you don’t have yet a support account, please send us an email with subject “Access request to CMP DK Support Center” at CMP will create for you a personal account.