VLC Photonics

Design services

VLC Photonics is a design house with over a decade of experience offering independent services for the development of custom Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for many end applications. Located at Valencia, Spain.
VLC Photonics is a world pioneer on the photonic fabless business model, offering independent pure-play services, and collaborating with a global network of foundries, packagers and providers.
The company serves customers in many markets, from communications, to sensing, quantum optics, biophotonics, instrumentation etc. Furthermore, the design house has worked with several Fortune 500 and equivalent large corporations, as well as emerging start-ups and world-recognized researchers
CMP VLC Photonics Design Services Photonic integration can improve your optical systems through:
• size and weight reduction,
• improved stability and robustness,
• increased functionality and performance,
• reduced assembly, packaging, test and operation costs

Design capabilities

Optical Mode Solving Optical Mode Propagation
• 2D & 3D Vectorial Analysis
• Mode sweeps
• Coupling and propagation efficiency
• Support for several materials
• Boundary conditions definition
• Frequency domain analysis
Use of BPM and FDTD methods
• Application of other methods: BEP, Eigenmode, Expansion Method, Transfer-Matrix Method, Split-step Method
CMP VLC Photonics Optical Mode Solving
CMP_VLC Photonics Optical Mode Propagation
Photonic Circuit Simulation Photonic Layout
• Design verification and optimization
• Design of Experiments (DoEs)
• Virtual experiments
• Tolerances impact
Use of BPM and FDTD methods
• Parametric chip & mask layout
• Design Rule Checking (DRC)
• Interfacing with other formats, tools & libraries
CMP VLC photonics IC simulation
CMP VLC Photonics Circuit Layout