Specific Packaging


PNG - 520.8 kb HCM.SYSTREL is a leader in Microelectronics Assembly In Europe and recognized for its expertise in various fields of activities with severe environmental constraints (spatial, medical, oil & gas, etc.) 30 years heritage in back-end services (wafer treatment, assembly and test) substrates design and production, Wirebonding + SMT capabilities, dice supply and secure storage. In addition, HCM.SYSTREL has distinguished itself from its competitors by developing innovative technologies as defined below PNG - 362.9 kb

Focus on Power Modules & Optical Devices

Power Modules - From Substrates engineering to Final Assembly: Substrates development: Ceramic packages, AlN/AlN-DBC, Si3N4, AMB, FR4 PNG - 179.8 kb
Optical Devices -Assembly line dedicated Class 100 ceiling Contactless Metrology (microscope) Pick & Place equipment X, Y, Z position : accuracy better than 5 µ Projects: CMOS detectors for Space, Military and industrial applications Optical Devices dimensions 10x10mm up to 200x200mm - Final Assembly: Die Bonding Technologies: -* Monitored atmosphere soldering (under RH5, N2, H2) -* Vacuum soldering -* High temperature soldering -* Silver sintering Wire Bonding: -* Wedge Bonding : from 25µm to 380µm -* Gold Bonding : from 18µm to 75µm PNG - 120.2 kb

Focus on Thick film layers capability

Thick Film Layers Capability PNG - 684.9 kb -* Static and dynamic trimming, -* Micro-machining on wafers, -* on Thick Film, -* on Thin Film. -* Cutting, drilling of Ceramics, -* Pre-cutting of alumina substrates, -* Preforms and joints machining. -* High precision by Video-centering, -* Routing of flexible Printed circuits, -* Resistive circuits, -* Multi-layer circuits, -* Large size circuits, -* Planarisation - Polishing, -* Circuits for Ultra-high frequencies, -* Metallized holes and sections, -* Enamelled substrates alumina, -* Double-face.

Focus on Column attachment Service

PNG - 243.4 kb PNG - 391.6 kb PNG - 1011.2 kb -* Column Manufacturing -* Column attachment -* Various column length and diameter -* Copper reinforced SnPb columns -* Suitable for space flight