Specific Packaging

Sencio is an independent package design and assembly company. Fully IATF16949 certified, Sencio offers functional packaging solutions for MEMS and integrated sensor systems primarily for automotive and industrial applications. Sencio can support you at each and every stage of your sensor and MEMS package and assembly needs. From system design to package concept, through development and prototyping to volume manufacturing and assembly of a functional packaging solution. We can even manage the component supply for your system, saving you time and effort. Increasingly as systems become more complex and compact, the package plays a critical role in the overall design. Early involvement is therefore key to an efficient and successful system solution. That is why we review your specification together, before helping you define your essential requirements and starting the package design. |

Sencio_photo 1_oil pressure sensor package_v1


Sencio_photo 2_viscosity sensor package_v1

| |Oil pressure sensor package|Viscosity sensor package| Our nCapsulate technology enables alignment features, mounting support and even custom shapes to be incorporated in your design. That brings flexibility to secondary housing ensuring it better fits the needs of the end use case as well as aesthetics. It also helps save assembly time and effort while improving overall efficiency. |

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| |Freeform encapsulation package|RGB Sensor package|Microfluidic sensor package| Along with full volume production and assembly of your product, we can also offer fast turnaround assembly of a small series of your device. These prototypes can be used for full electrical and functional verification of the first silicon coming out of the wafer fab for example. With over 25 years of experience in package development and volume manufacturing of sensor components and systems for automotive applications, Sencio provides a world class competence center for functional packaging. Regardless of whether you need to encapsulate a complex SiP in a standard footprint or are looking for a freeform package solution that allows you to take your system design to a higher level.