Liberty Test


Liberty Test is an independent laboratory located in the Silicon Valley that provides ESD and Latch UP testing services to the semiconductor industry.
We have been serving leading asemiconductor manufacturers in the United States and we are proud of extending our testing services to the semiconductor industry in Europe.
Our customers count on our advanced experience and on our large coverage of the ESD/LU test standards in order to chieve quick and reliable qualification of their new designs ranging from small CSP ICs with small pin counts to 4096 pin BGA devices.aha
Liberty Test is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified Laboratory serving both Commercial and Automotive customers PNG - 147.1 kb

California (Sales, Engineering, Operation) Europe (Regional Customer Support) 

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Our capacity is scaled up to support quick turnaround services required by a wide range of customers:

  • We support fine pitch and very high pin count devices
  • We can run multiple parts in parallel
  • We provide thorough curve tracing before and after ZAP or very detailed curve tracing after each individual pin ESD/LU “zap”
ESD Model Capabilities Standard Covered
HBM (Human Body Model) Simulates Electrostatic Discharge of a Human body touching an IC 50V to 8000V MK4 Testers - JS-001-2014 (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC)
- Newest HBM spec
- AEC-Q100-002
- MIL-STD 883 Method 3015.7
MM (Machine Model) It simulates rapid ESD discharges from a charged conductive objects 50V to 600V. MK4 Testers - ESDA STM5.2
- AEC-Q100-003
CDM (Charged Device Model) It simulates ESD charging/discharging events during production (equipment and processes). 100V to 2000V ORION2 Testers - JS-002-2014 (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC)
- Newest CDM spec
- ESDA STM5.3.1
- AEC-Q100-011
LU (Latch-Up) It simulates the impact of IO voltage / current surge on a powered device Up to 140A MK4 & MK2 Testers - JEDEC JESD78D
HP-LU High Power Latch-Up Up to 350A, 500W Drives 4 separate supplies MK4 & MK2 Testers - JEDEC JESD78D

Liberty Test engineering facility is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley

  • We offer free pickup/delivery in the bay area
  • We are continuously up to date with the newest changes in the semiconductor and packaging technologies

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Equipment Capabilities Capacity
MK4 2304 pins 8 Power Supplies 4 units
MK2 768 pins 8 Power Supplies 2 units
ORION 2 ORION2 100 mm x 100m size 0.2mm pitch 3 units

We support a yet quicker turnaround and lower testing cost

  • Your device my fit in our universal BGA socket / Load board
  • Contact us for a quick quote or for updated
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