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IC Ironwood Electronics Sockets – Prototyping, Test & Burnin Sockets can satisfy all your Prototyping, tests & qualification programs For any type of VLSI pakages

Contacting technologies & Sockets

Ironwood Electronics’ different contacting technologies will satisfy your high temperature, high frequency or high power tests needs.

Silver Button Sockets (GT/GTL) New! GHz Elastomer Sockets (SG/CG)
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GT BGA sockets and QFN sockets using GT contact technology provide >75GHz signal speed in a smallest footprint for prototype and test applications. These sockets support pitches from 0.15mm to 1.27mm. Standard sizes typically ship within 5 days ARO.

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SG BGA sockets & QFN/MLF sockets provide excellent signal integrity in a small, cost effective ZIF socket for prototype and test applications. It uses embedded wire in elastomer contact for transmitting signals effectively. Our sockets support pitches down to 0.3mm.

Silver Ball Matrix Sockets (SM/SMP) Stamped Spring Pin Sockets (SBT/CBT)
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SM/SMP BGA sockets and QFN sockets utilize unique elastomer contact that operates at high bandwidth (40 GHz), high temperature (150C) as well as high endurance cycles (500K). Solutions are available for 0.25mm to 1.27mm LGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, POP, WLP, and other packages.

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SBT BGA sockets simplify lab and evaluation applications due to low cost and better electrical/mechanical performance than conventional pogo pin. SBT QFN sockets with wide temperature range are available in the same footprint as elastomer QFN sockets.

All this can be completed with a lot of versatility with the addition of smart accessories & functionalities

Sockets accessories, options & tools

Ironwood Electronics can complete their standard socket offering with a wide variety of add-ons, from SMT adapters to avoid any mounting hole on PCB or Zero footprint adapters to mate existing board. Sockets can also be epoxy-mounted onto board & help reusing boards that were not meant to host a socket!
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In same idea, standard sockets can accommodate different lid options depending upon the application requirement. Typical choices are swivel lid, clamshell lid, double latch lid, heat sink lid, lever actuated lid, etc. Custom lid solutions can be delivered in days.
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Also torque drivers & extracting tools can be proposed to optimize the usage o sockets

Smart sockets

Ironwood Electronics extended its high performance socket product line with smart features. Sockets are typically rated for 2K to 500K cycles. How do we know if the sockets are used for 100K or 200K insertions? Solution is electronic chip insertion counter. Our sockets can be integrated with electronics counter into the compression mechanism of the socket lid. A push button is exposed on the compression plate. Every time a chip is compressed, push button is actuated which in turn activates the electronic circuitry inside the lid. These activations are counted by the counter IC and displayed in LCD. Let’s say a contact element is rated for 2K insertions. After 2K insertions, this contact element will be replaced by new contact element. Now, the counter has to start the counting from the beginning. To achieve this function, a reset option is included in the electronics circuitry. When reset is actuated, LCD display will go to 0".
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Figure 1: IC Insertion Socket Counter for BGA/QFN devices
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Figure 2: Temperature Display Socket for BGA/QFN devices
Another feature of our smart socket is the temperature display. When the chip is operating at certain power, heat will be generated. If heat is not properly dissipated, the chip function will result in error. In order to properly dissipate heat, it has to be measured accurately. Solution is electronic temperature monitoring socket. Electronics is integrated into the top portion of the socket (either lid or compression knob) depending on space availability. A thermo couple sensor is brought down from the electronic circuitry to the internal socket cavity where the chip is placed. This thermocouple is spring loaded to achieve proper pressure on the chip surface. When the chip is placed and compressed against the PCB via contact element, the thermo couple touches top chip surface with enough pressure. Power supply is applied to the chip to start its function. As the chip start functioning, heat is generated. This heat is sensed by the thermo couple and fed to the electronic circuitry where it is processed and the temperature is displayed via LCD.
Another feature of our smart socket is the temperature display via bluetooth mobile app. BGA socket with Bluetooth electronic module integrated into the top portion of the socket (compression plate) is shown in the adjacent figure. This heat is sensed by the thermocouple in the compression plate and fed to the electronic circuitry where it is processed and the temperature is displayed via Bluetooth mobile app. The app monitors temperature continuously and provides results in graphical format. This feature is very useful in the test world during device characterization.
Ironwood sockets can be integrated with either of these smart features. Custom features can be added to any our standard sockets and delivered in a quick turn time.
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Figure 3: Bluetooth Temperature monitoring BGA socket