Si-Photonics IC Si-310

IC IRT Nanoelec/CEA-LETI Silicon Photonics 2 ML Si-310


CEA-LETA Si-310 Active and Passive Photonics platform

CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN photonics platform allows miniaturization, power efficiency, cost reduction and scalability of photonic integrated circuits (PIC).

Pioneering silicon photonics for more than 15 years, CEA-Leti has designed a technology toolbox featuring state-of-the-art performance for communication, computing and optical sensing.

CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN photonics platform offers a broad range of processes on 300 mm wafers that leverage world-class pre-industrialization equipment. CEA-Leti’s fabrication platform enables large-scale integration of active and passive devices in a flexible CMOS compatible process.

Main features:

  • 300 mm SOI substrate with 310 nm Si
  • SiN layer
  • 2μm buried oxide
  • Selective Ge epitaxy
  • 6 implant levels for p-type and n-type for modulators and doped Si heaters
  • 3 silicon patterning steps for Si heights of 0, 65, 165 and 310 nm (193nm immersion lithography)
  • Silicide modulator contacts
  • Metal heater
  • 2 metal layers

Passive structures:

  • 1D & 2D Grating couplers
  • Shallow, deep rib and strip waveguides & bends

Active structures:

  • High speed Photodetectors
  • High speed Modulators

High performance building blocks:

  • Fixed cells, Parametrised Cells and Black boxes
  • Devices operating at O-Band and C-Band
  • Mature device library in a Process Design Kit (PDK), compatible with conventional CAD tools

Available options:

  • Optical edge coupler
  • Open 3D Post-processes: UBM, Bumps & µ-Bumps

Introduction to CEA-LETI silicion photonics platform:


  • Communication: Telecom, Datacom, 5G infrastructures, quantum cryptography for cybersecurity
  • Computing: Computer communication for High Performance Computing (HPC), quantum computing and neuromorphic computing for AI
  • Optical sensing: gas sensing, structural health monitoring and 3D sensing such as LIDAR


  • Cadence IC 6.1.7 (DK version 2019.4 – Mar.-20)
  • Synopsys Opto Designer 2019.03 (DK version 2019.03_10.4 – Jun.-20)
  • Tanner S-Edit/L-Edit 2020.1 update 5


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