IC 55nm BiCMOS055

IC STMicroelectronics 55nm BiCMOS SiGe 8 ML BiCMOS055


CMOS Gate length: 55nm drawn poly length
Deep Nwell and Deep Trench Isolation
Triple Vt MOS transistors (LVT, RVT and SVT)
Low Power and General Purpose MOS transistors
Dual gate oxide (1.0V for core and 2.5V for IO)
Dedicated process flavors for high performance and for low power
Bipolar SiGe-C NPN transistors: High Speed NPN with Ft=320GHz
Medium Voltage NPN with Ft=180GHz, and High Voltage NPN
Temperature range: -40°C to 175°C
Dual-damascene copper for interconnect, low-k dielectric
8 Cu metal layers for interconnect
Ultra-thick Cu top metal (3.0 micron)
Low k inter-level dielectric
MiM capacitors & Fringe MoM capacitors
Thin Film Resistors (RFR)
Millimiter-wave inductors
Analog / RF capabilities
Various power supplies supported: 2.5V, 1.2V, 1V
Standard cell libraries (more than 700kgates/mm² for high speed gates, more than 970kgates/mm² for high density gates)
Embedded memory (Single port RAM / ROM / Dual Port RAM).



Frontend Backend tools :

Cadence IC 6.1.7

Simulation tools :

Spectre (Cadence), Hspice (Synopsys), GoldenGate (Keysight)

Verification tools :

Calibre (Mentor Graphics) PVS (Cadence)

Parasitics extraction tools :

StarRCXT (Synopsys), QRC (Cadence)

Place route tools :

Innovus (Cadence), ICC (Synopsys)


CORE cells Libraries: - CORE: General purpose core libraries - CORX: Complementary core libraries (complex gates) - CORI: isolation cells - CORL: core libraries for low power applications - CLOCK: Buffer cells for clock tree synthesis - PR: Place and route filler cells IO cells Libraries: - 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, Digital and Analog - Bonding pads and Flip-Chip pads On request: Level Shifters - DP: Datapath leaf cells libraries - HD: High density core libraries - Compensation cells - LVDS Pads - DLL, PLL - …


Typical leadtime: 28-36 weeks from MPW run deadline to packaged parts