IC 0.35µm BARC C35B4OA

IC ams 0.35µm CMOS Opto BARC 4 ML C35B4OA


This 0.35 CMOS-Opto option is offered in each 0.35 CMOS run (C35B4C3), this is a BARC (Bottom Anti Reflective Coating) option.

  • Botton Anti-Reflective Coating (BARC) allows a higher sensitivity than ARC.
  • P-Epi wafers for lowering current leakage in the diode (lower dark current).

The C35B4OA is with 4 metal layers available for prototyping and low volume production.
Met. layer(s): 4 Poly layer(s): 2
Maximum die size: 2cm x 2cm
DLP Usable cells: about 300 digital cells
Available I/O: I/O cell library with digital pads is available 3V, 3V/5V, 5V with internal level shifters
Temp. range: -40° C. / +125° C.
Supply voltage: 5V or 3.3V.


Provides enhanced optical sensitivity for embedded photodiodes and high density CMOS camera products.


4.10, 3.80

Frontend Backend tools :

Cadence IC 6.1.5 Cadence IC 5.1.41_USR6

Simulation tools :

Spectre, Hspice, Ultrasim, NC-Sim, ams-Designer (Cadence) Eldo, ModelSim, QuestaSim (Mentor Graphics) Hspice (Synopsys)

Verification tools :

Assura, PVS (Cadence) Calibre (Mentor Graphics)

Parasitics extraction tools :

QRC (Cadence) Calibre xRC (Mentor Graphics)

Place route tools :

Encounter Digital Implementation (EDI) (Cadence)


LV Digital standard cells and IO Libraries:
- CORELIB: General purpose digital library
- CORELIB_3B: Same as CORELIB with 3 busses (VDD, VSS, GND)
- IOLIB: IO pads (input, output, bidir). 3.3V and 5V available
- IOLIBC_3B: Core limited digital IO Libraries
- Core and IO cells are characterized for 1.8V, 2.2V, 2.7V, 3.3V.
Analog standard cells Libraries:
- IOLIB_ANA: Analog IO pads library
- IOLIBC_ANA_3B: Core limited Analog IO pads library
- IOLIB_ANA_HV: High Voltage Analog IO pads library
- A_CELLS: Analog Library


Typical leadtime: 10-12 weeks from MPW run deadline to packaged parts
From Q3/2017 to Q2/2018: Exceptional delayed leadtime: 16-18 weeks from MPW run deadline to to packaged parts