Glass-photonics IC WAFT

IC Teem Photonics Glass Photonics technology


In addition to being able to design and manufacture their own glass-photonic circuits from the ioNext platform developed by Teem Photonics (see the presentation made on the pages devoted to the two technologies ioNext-NIR and ionNext-VIS), CMP users are also offered access to the WAFT (for Wave-guide Array to Fiber Transposers), glass interposers which are inserted between a silicon-photonics chip and an optical fiber array to ensure between these two elements a single-mode, wideband adiabatic transition, with a coupling loss of less than 0.5dB and a significant reduction in the input/output channels footprint.

Two types of WAFT (corresponding to the two silicon photonics coupling configurations) are available:

  • edge-coupling WAFT, designed to butt-couple with silicon-photonic chip facets, featuring a wideband transmission and handling both polarization states;
  • top-coupling WAFT, which provide full multichannel compatibility with grating couplers usually found on silicon-photonics chip.

Teem Photonics also makes its fiber pigtailing know-how available to CMP users by assembling both its WAFT and customized photonic chips with fiber arrays, thus offering lab-ready components.

Main features


  • Based on the ioNext-NIR glass-photonics platform

Operating range:

  • Operating wavelengths from 1200 to 1700nm
  • Number of channels from 1 to 256
  • 127µm or 250µm input pitch
  • Output pitch down to 20µm
  • Compatibility with both coupling modes (edge couplers and grating couplers)

Various type of fiber connection:

  • Single Mode (SM) or Polarization Maintaining (PM) fibers
  • FC, SC, ST or MPO connectors


  • Max insertion loss: < 1dB
  • Max polarization-dependant loss: < 0.2dB
  • Max adjacent crosstalk: < -25dB


  • Non-standard or variable output pitches
  • Additional optical functions (taps, splitters…)
  • Custom chip dimensions and shaping for footprint reduction
  • Evanescent coupling configuration

Packaging of a silicon-photonics chip using WAFT



  • Photonic integrated circuits testing and characterization
  • Photonic integrated circuits packaging
  • Wafer-level testing of photonic components