ALGODONE™ Secure embedded DRM Solution for the semiconductor and IP industry
ALGODONE™ has developed an embedded DRM solution for the semiconductor industry. It allows to securely activate chips and their features at runtime, with a simple firmware license key that is unique for each physical device. The Algodone solution addresses 3 principal uses cases: -* silicon-as-a-service monetization: features-on-demand and pay-per-use -* cost reduction: single SKU with in-system personalization -* security: elimination of counterfeits, piracy, theft, and any unauthorized usage including debug control Algodone innovative DRM technology allows IP vendors, chip vendors and system vendors to control legitimate use of electronic systems for each physical instance, whether a custom SoC or an FPGA. This lies in the use of finger-printing or DNA technology that allows to uniquely distinguish hardware chips otherwise completely identical, combined with strong cryptographic functions for secure and tamper-proof activation. The ALGODONE™ DRM solution provides many benefits to IP vendors, semiconductor manufacturers and system vendors by: Protecting against theft, tampering, and reverse-engineering -* Preventing unauthorized use and distribution -* Adding usage-based business models such as ‘Pay per Use’ -* Adding feature-based business models through easy field upgrade and upsell -* Raising the customer experience through the “Try-before-You-Buy” demo mode.
In short, ALGODONE™ DRM solution enables comprehensive monetization strategies that can increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and increase profitability.

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