Annual report

JPEG - 11.2 kbDear Users,

let me at first thank you for your constancy in using our services for your ICs prototyping needs. CMP is offering MPW services for 36 years and it is a pleasure to announce that we are about to reach 8000 projects handled through CMP since the very beginning of the service. With over 220 projects in average per year over the last 5 years, CMP remains one of the main MPW services’ provider worldwide. Once more, this year is characterized by a great activity in 28nmFDSOI with 33 circuits prototyped for over 120 mm² manufactured surfaces. Similarly the growing success of BiCMOS-55nm technology is clearly visible with 17 circuits for over 90 mm² manufactured surfaces. This technology appears to correspond really to our RF community with many users worldwide. In 2017, our MPW services remained comparable in volume to last year, although we had this year, more small volume productions in ams technologies. 2017 ended with a total number of projects and small volume production greater than 200, slightly below average, mainly due to delayed fab out at the end of the year.

Despite these nice results, I would like to apologize for the delays we encountered during this year, although we tried our best in serving our users’ community. Most of our foundry partners had great manufacturing activities, which is a very good signal for the ecosystem, putting a lot of pressure on MPW runs and Engineering lots such that, 6 of our MPW runs, were delivered with significant delays. We are working hard with our partners to minimize the occurrence of delayed delivery time but some factors are out of our full control. Our MPW services, based on cost sharing among several players is, from time to time, experiencing issues that are always difficult to accept for the end users but must remain understood by our users’ community. Thank you again for your trust in our services and be sure that we are trying our best in minimizing such kind of issue.

2017 is also characterized by our first Open 3D and Si-Photonics projects. There was not much activity yet, but we are happy to announce that, after answering a lot of requests, and promoting these technologies on web and in worldwide conferences, the activity is emerging. In addition, this year we had to handle a few MEMS projects, especially Bulk micromachining one. Similarly, CMP has carried out a lot of support on niche service offers, such as in Smart Power technologies, building up an important background. All these activities and supports, not directly related to CMOS/BiCMOS technologies, open up a good perspective for CMP in answering niche and specific requests from its users’ community.

Additionally, you will find in this annual report several focus from our users’ community, worldwide, displaying success stories. We are proud to highlight their works in our report, CMP helping them to prototype nice researches. I cannot conclude this Editorial without mentioning the work done at CMP, in 2017, bringing our new web site to a satisfactory maturity level, completing the migration of CMP web and Email addresses. By the way, don’t forget to update your Messenger tools and Web browser with our new domain address.

On the other side of this report, you could find our 2018 process catalog which is intended to supply our users’ community with updated data from our service portfolio. Enjoy checking for new services and perspectives! CMP team is always ready to handle your prototyping requests and to support you at best, getting access and using our PDKs on mature and/or advanced technologies.

Let me wish you All the Best for 2018!

Jean-Christophe Crébier, Director