Annual report

JPEG - 11.2 kbDear CMP users and community partners,

We are delighted to share with you our 2018 annual report. You will be pleased to find information related to our past year service activity as well as focus on the work that has been done at or in collaboration with CMP. More specifically, you will notice that we have showcased in the annual report a large number of success stories coming from our user community.

I will start this editorial mentioning that 2018 was probably one of the toughest years to manage for CMP for a long period of time. I believe most of our users also felt the same way, with the numerous delayed tape out and fab out that CMP experienced during 2018. Owing to the heavy workload of the worldwide activities for most of our partners and suppliers, the very special relationship that we share since the past few years was nonetheless tested by these fab overloads and business optimizations. We wish to express our sincere apologies for all that happened and the inconvenience caused. For many customers, these delays are unacceptable and we are well aware of that. We are making our best efforts to improve our services, and to make our customers aware of possible delays well in advance. CMP has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, offering novel and specialized technologies, at very attractive prices accompanied by the best possible support that we could offer. Volume activity is a sensitive issue to mitigate time and schedule issues and your faith in us will only encourage us to strive towards offering you with world class services at the best possible conditions.

As a matter of fact, CMP activity in volume has been significantly affected this year with about 200 projects delivered in 2018, but with only 173 projects sent for fabrication. This significant volume activity reduction is mainly due to delayed MPW run. On the other hand, and similar to last year, CMP has handled more volume productions than usual with a higher demand for dedicated runs by clients. Also, comparable to last year, CMP activity is pushed by the advanced technologies coming from STMicroelectronics, with nonetheless, a good activity in 0.35µm technologies with ams, despite the tape-out delays and technology portfolio reduction.

Apart from the activity report, you will find more information regarding what was done and offered at CMP in 2018. More specifically you will have a review of the services and offers that we have implemented during this year with, for example, the MIRPHAB project, the offers from CEA LETI, Intento Design, and the ramp-up on Add-on Services with over 12 participants. In addition to this, you will read more about internal projects such as a dedicated Customer Relation Manager Web application that has been designed, developed and implemented, specifically to serve MPW services. Finally, you will discover a new service that we will operate, starting in January 2019, dedicated to visual inspection and service reporting for each project carried out through CMP.

I cannot conclude this editorial without a special mention of the NEXTS European project. I’m very happy to announce that CMP is now part of the Europractice project, under the umbrella of the NEXTS project funded by the European community, to serve our R&D community. IMEC, STFC, Fraunhofer, Tyndall and CMP team up to offer complementary services. It has been a long story for MPW services in Europe, starting in the early 90’s with the Eurochip program, well ahead of my period at CMP, then with the Europractice project on one side and CMP on the other for the following years. We are now co-collaborators in the NEXTS project with the objective to best serve not only our user community in Europe but also the clients worldwide. You will learn more about the project in the following pages. I hope you will find the information made available in this report useful and I wish you all the very best for your projects in the year 2019.

Thanking you again for your faith and belief in us,
Jean-Christophe Crébier