29 March 2019: OPTICS Workshop, Florence, Italy

The 5th International Workshop on Optical/Photonic Interconnects for Computing Systems OPTICS Workshop will take place on 29th March 2019 in Florence, Italy

About OPTICS Workshop 29th March 2019, Florence, Italy
In Conjunction with Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference

OPTICS Workshop aims at discussing the most recent advances in silicon photonics for computing systems, covering topics from the device fabrication all the way up to the system-level design through circuit optimization with Electronic-Photonic Design Automation (EPDA). The workshop is of interest to researchers working on silicon photonics, high-performance computing systems and EDA/EPDA.

OPTICS Workshop is comprised of invited talks of the highest caliber in addition to refereed poster presentations. Industry and academia’s views on the feasibility and most recent advancements of Optical/Photonic Interconnects will be discussed during the workshop.

In the session 1 "System Level Simulations to Silicon Photonic Circuit Fabrication" chaired by Sébastien Le Beux from Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology and after the keynote of Vladimir Stojanovic from UC Berkeley titled " EPDA for EPSoC Design: from Co-simulation to Photonic Circuit Generators" Jean Christophe Crebier will present CMP MPW services for Photonics & ICs prototyping.
OPTICS Program

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