Annual user’s meeting


The annual CMP users meeting usually take place on January in Paris at: IPGP, Paris.
This meeting is open to every person from academia or research laboratories or private companies, using, or interested in CMP services.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it did not take place.

2020 - Meeting

The annual CMP users meeting will take place on Thursday 30 January 2020 in Paris at: IPGP, Paris.
This year, in addition to report on 2019 activities, CMP is pleased to present the evolution of our services and to introduce new services and offers, by prominent experts in these fields.


Please click on the link to view the agenda of our annual meeting,
important to be noticed: start time at 9 a.m.


2019 Activity Results
Printed Electronics
0.35μm, 0.18μm Technologies
STMicroelectronics MPW services
NANO2022 program
SMIC technology offer through CMP
More than Moore technologies

Panel on Photonics ICs
VTT Si-photonic tech. on 3μm SOI platform
CEA-LETI Si310-PHMP2M technology
AMF foundry offer through CMC-CMP partnership
Teem Photonic’s glass photonic platform, coupling solutions fiber-die
Photonics MPW services @ CMP

Panel on new developments @ CMP
Teaching module IP: from design to test
myCMP: one year of use
Add-On Services /IP
Visual inspection services

2017 - Meeting