STMicroelectronics and CMP organize a set of three online sessions, about ST’s 55nm BiCMOS technology.
The first module is an overview of the major analog, mix-signal and RF/mmW features of 55nm BiCMOS technology. Then follows a focus on the devices offered in BiCMOS55 design kit, to highlight the main design features specific to this technology and the resulting performances, addressing Optical, Wireless and High-Performance RF and mmW applications. The last module is a workshop about available design kit and supported CAD flows, where designers are invited to ask technical questions, based on the PDK documentations.


Monday, November 23rd: (15:00am – 18:00pm CET/UTC+1)

55nm BiCMOS technology overview General introduction to BiCMOS55 process
Technology features & model
Focus on offered transistors HBT and natural BJT bipolars, MOSfets

Tuesday, November 24th: (15:00pm – 18:00pm CET/UTC+1)

Specific BiCMOS55 components and pcells Other devices offered in the PDK: resistors, capacitors, varactors, diodes, inductors, transmission lines

Wednesday, November 25th: (15:00pm – 18:00pm CET/UTC+1)

Workshop: DK & CAD dedicated questions / demos Process features & DK offer
Front end simulation, technology variations modeling & corners use
Physical verification: DRC, LVS
Parasitic extraction (PEX), post layout simulation (PLS)

NB: This third module is intended to answer questions about design-kit utilization and supported CAD flows. Trainees should have studied PDK slides available in the folder $PDKITROOT/doc/TRAININGS/, and sent in advance their questions (at least 2 weeks before the training course).


Nicolas DERRIER, Cedric DURAND, Sylvain TRIVIAUX (experts from STMicroelectronics)

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Booking conditions
This training course is suited for PhD students, academic staff, research or industry attendees, if a signature of appropriate technology non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and tool license agreements are in place. It is strongly recommended that trainees already have ST’s BiCMOS55 design kit installed in secured and isolated network of their institution.

Booking request will close on Friday, November 6th, 2020.

Training course fees: 120€ per person (fee is in Euro, and includes a 20% French VAT).
Please fill-in and send back the document “CMP payment registration form” to finalize any booking request.
To access this online training course, we also need to receive the document “Responsibility letter” signed by the technical responsible of your Institute (it should be the person declared as the point of contact for all myCMP web services).

Online registration:

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