In this presentation, Eleonore Hardy from CEA Leti will detail the technology characteristics of CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN photonics platform. Pioneering silicon photonics for more than 15 years, CEA-Leti has designed a technology toolbox featuring state-of-the-art performance for communication, computing and optical sensing. CEA-Leti’s Si-SiN platform offers both a Si layer and a SiN layer, providing the advantages of both materials. CEA-Leti offers a large-scale integration of devices on 300mm wafers in a flexible CMOS compatible process. Eleonore will go through the O-band and C-band passive and active devices of CEA-Leti’s device library, including high-speed photodetectors and modulators. The possible coupling options and available post-processes options for packaging will be considered too.


This webinar is the fifth episode of a series of six webinars dedicated to Silicon Photonics. In this webinar series you will hear from the manufacturers, how they fabricate these chips and what makes their technology unique. From materials to techniques and processes.

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This series is suited for PhD-students, Engineers, Physicists and Innovation Managers especially if you plan to fabricate a design in a Si-Photonics technology.