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MyCMP support module

CMP is pleased to announce the launch of myCMP support module. This is one step further (...) Read more
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CMP provides new MPW access to EM Microelectronic 0.18µm CMOS 4/5 ML EMALP018 technology

PRESS RELEASE Grenoble (France) and Marin (Switzerland) January 27, 2020 - CMP and EM (...) Read more
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CMP and Teem Photonics Partnership on Glass Photonics Processes

PRESS RELEASE Grenoble, and Meylan, France – January 28, 2020. Circuits Multi-Projets® (CMP) (...) Read more
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The Fourth Terminal

Editors: Sylvain Clerc, Thierry Di Gilio, Andreia Cathelin, (Eds.) Read more
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Let us introduce the project in this short video: Read more
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CMP offers several training sessions to its user’s community

This year, in the frame of NEXTS / Europractice project, and for improving the service, CMP (...) Read more


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23-25 Nov-20 - Online training course on ST’s 55nm BiCMOS technology

STMicroelectronics and CMP organise a two-day training course on the ST’s 55nm BiCMOS (...) Read more
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13 October at 14:00 CEST: Webinar "CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN Photonics platform"

In this presentation, Eleonore Hardy from CEA Leti will detail the technology characteristics (...) Read more
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31 March -1 April : PIC / Brussels, Belgium

PIC International 2020 PIC International is part of AngelTech, which delivers a portfolio of (...) Read more
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30 January 2020 - Annual users’ meeting - Paris

Information If you missed the CMP annual meeting in 2020, you will find on this page all the (...) Read more
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18-22 January 2020: IEEE MEMS 2020, Vancouver, Canada

The 33rd International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS (...) Read more

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