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What is CMP ?

Since 1981, CMP is a non profit Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) service organization in ICs, Si-Photonics, 3D-ICs and MEMS, Smart Power,  for prototyping and low volume production. CMP enables prototypes fabrication on industrial processes at very attractive costs and offers its great technical expertise in providing MPW and related services for Universities, Research Laboratories and Industrial Companies prototyping.

CMP can handle, in cooperation with the semiconductor foundries, low volume production i.e. approximately from some dozens to some thousands pieces. Chips are normally untested and delivered either packaged or not. Advanced industrial technologies are made available in CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, HV-CMOS, SOI, MEMS, 3D-IC, Si-Photonics, NVM, etc. CMP distributes the design rules for each technology and the standard cell libraries for each specific software tool (design kits) free of charge and supports several CAD software tools for both Industrial Companies and Universities. 


New specialized web interface for MPW service management is open.

Grenoble… The heart of the Alps

Grenoble, at the heart of the Rhone-Alps region in southeast France, is in the Isère department and holds a strategic position as the crossroads between northern and southern Europe. Exceptional scientific community: Grenoble has an exceptional scientific and technological environment and Grenoble IT is a founding player.

The town has become a leading centre for European science, with electronics and IT, physics and nuclear studies, materials and hydraulics, chemistry and papermaking engineering.