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Feb-18: CMP is opening a Partners’ showcase on the Web site. This is to spotlight new added-value services bringing complementary services and products from the microelectronics ecosystem.

This promotion of the Partners’ technologies and expertise, is aiming to help customers discovering and finding new advanced and special services. This could help answering to specific needs.

The showcase is also an opportunity for the users’ community to introduce and display their expertise in design and research services, offering more visibility on their work and products. It could result on more interactions and stimulation actions between the users, providers, and CMP.

You will find in these new services, an opportunity to offer and/or find attractive solutions for ICs, MEMS, Silicon photonics, Smart Power design and prototyping.

CMP started with special non-exhaustive services in: Design services, Softwares, IPs, Specific Packaging, System level services, Tests, IC Inspection & Repair.

For more information, contact us:

+33 4 76 57 49 87

+33 4 76 57 47 63

Intento Design


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Design services

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Specific Packaging

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System level services

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IC Inspection & Repair